Keep Calm & Uke On!

Take a deep breath, and enjoy a calming moment while you learn the basics of ukulele with Heather Jean Jordan in this free online video series.

Keep Calm & Uke On! – Part 3

In this video we build upon ukulele playing in part 2 by learning the lyrics to our ‘Beginner Ukulele Warm Up Song’! Practice your singing, challenge your mind and find a bit of peace as you improve your strumming skills.

Keep Calm & Uke On! – Part 2

Take a calming uke moment, and improve tone and basic technique in your uke playing! In this video we reinforce our knowledge of the string names (G-C-E-A), practice keeping a steady beat, work on finger awareness (making sure we’re hitting each string equally), improve tone, and build overall awareness. Feel free to sing along!

Keep Calm & Uke On! – Part 1

In this video we learn useful stretches for uke players. Come back to these stretches to find a moment of calm and ease before, after, or while playing your uke!